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  • Quickly learn the status of your application or enrollment inquiry
  • Obtain a rapid response as to the status of your lessons
  • Enlist staff assistance in enrolling in additional studies
  • Get help from the Graphics Department in arranging for printing of diplomas,
    transcripts, and other documents
  • Get help modifying your records if you change your name
  • We'll notify relevant departments if you get a new email address
  • We can assist you with issues related to your tuition obligations
  • We will lend a hand if you need to take time off for personal reasons
  • If you have comments or suggestions, we can route them to the appropriate
    person or department
  • If you have a school-related issue that needs resolution, we can troubleshoot
    the problem for you and bring in the appropriate professor or manager
  • We can check the status of an application to become an adjunct professor
  • We'll walk you through the steps required to resume your studies following a
    prolonged period of time away from school
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