College can -- and should --
be  a positive life-changing

This is especially true for
adult learners who have had
some years in which to gain
the wisdom and perspective
that springs from real-life

Saint James College
Seminary's faculty and
administration's goal is to
develop and maintaina
community of builders.  

Our mission is to foster a
truly transformative
experience in our among
our student body and
graduates.  They, then, are
better equipped to transform
the world.

Saint James' adult learner
students come to us already
curious about life, possessing a
determination to make a
significant difference in their
families, churches/synagogues,
and in the world at large.

We strive to provide
important tools to enhance
this process through  
intellectual rigor, personal
examination, and spiritual

Rather than attempting to change who you are and what you believe, Saint James College Seminary's interfaith
educational programs are designed to encourage and equip you to expand your knowledge base, to grow in
experience and wisdom.  

If you find your pulse quicken as you read these lines ... if your soul begins to to stir and formulate a vision of
what may be ... you should consider this an invitation to join us for a while.  We would be honored to travel with
you on your personal journey....
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