Our chancery offices are
headquartered at the divide
between two one-of-a-kind
natural habitats:  the tropical
Florida Everglades and the
Lake Wales Ridge's upland
desert-like environment.

Saint James College
Seminary is believed to be
the world's first online
seminary.  We serve adult
learners from every
continent, offering both
under and post-graduade
certificate and seminary
degree programs.

Our forward-thinking
trustees made the bold
decision to close our
beautiful Louisiana campus
learning and research
center in favor of serving the
growing global online

Although the venue moved
into the technological age,
our mission remains firmly
focused on providing an
educational experience of
uncompromising quality.
Saint James College Seminary's teacher-to-student ratio averages one-to-eleven.  Our Adult Learner Fast-Track
programs provide one-to-one teaching.  Each student has a deeply-committed personal faculty mentor who assists
with student assignments.  All classes are taught by professional professors, never by TA's or graduate students.

Saint James students have the opportunity to participate in outstanding experiential learning.  This can involve an
internship in his or her local community -- research/development projects throughout the United States or globally.  
Over 80% of our graduates have participated in hands-on activities that have contributed to making this a better