Make your Tuition Payment
conveniently for your online
Ordination studies, Online
Chaplain Training, online
seminary college degree, or
other Love Church
Seminary programs.

Once you send the initial tuition amount
agreed to by you and your admissions
counselor, you will be officially enrolled in
your online adult learner study program.

    Typically, once the
    payment has been
    processed, your first
    lesson will be sent to
    you by email within 24
    hours.  Often, it arrives
    within a few hours' time.

While you may use the postal service to send
a check, this slows down your admission
process considerably since the check first
has to be delivered, then posted, then
deposited in the bank, and then follows a 3-4
day period before the check clears.  Only then
would your first lesson be sent to you.  
Therefore, most students find the PayPal
system to be better suited to their enrollment

We welcome you to The Love Church
Worldwide seminary programs!   We will
assist you in any way possible to make your
learning experience here both enjoyable and

Making Tuition Payment...
If you need help

1)   To make your tuition payment
conveniently online, click the MAKE
A DONATION button in the left
hand column...

2)   You will then be taken to a
PayPal page. You will see a tall
somewhat faded blue box on the left
hand side of your screen.

3)  You will see the words:
"Item Price:" and this is where you
enter the amount of tuition payment
that you have agreed to make today.

4)  Below that, you will see the word:
"Quantity".  It will have the
"1" in the box.  This is
fine.  Merely ignore that box.

4)  Directly below the
"Quantity"box, you will see a
button that says,
Please go ahead and click that button.

5)   This will change to form to say:  
"Item Total" which will merely be
the same amount that you typed in
"Item Price" box, above.

6)  Now, look at the
right hand
Here, you will see the
following orange words:
"Choose a way to pay."  

7)  If you have a PayPal account and
wish to use it for make your tuition
payment, here is the place to enter
your information.

8)  However,
if you do not have a
PayPal account,
merely look down
and you will see the following:
"Pay with debit or credit card
If you don't have a PayPal account"

Simply go ahead and fill in your
credit or debit card information,
address, etc.  When done, confirm
that everything was typed correctly,
and send your payment

If your tuition was received
successfully at Saint James
College Seminary, you will
automatically receive a
notification email from Pay Pal.  
If you do not receive this, your
payment did not go through.

If your tuition was received at The
Love Church, PayPal will notify
you within minutes by return
Typically, payment for studies at The
Love Church Worldwide Seminary is
done through the secure site, PayPal.

PayPal recognizes The Love Church
Worldwide and its educational
programs as being a government-
non-denominational religious

Your tuition payment, therefore, will
be entered as a

Please click MAKE A DONATION button
to complete tuition payment.  

If you need help, read the
column at the right.

Thank you!
The Love Church Worldwide
Educational Programs such as Ordination or Chaplain Training