The Love Church Worldwide
The Positive-Thinking Church
for Positive-Thinking People
To love...there is no greater commandment - Mark 12

The Love Church's mission is to
provide ethical, spiritually
sound education to the world

Study to become a Minister, On-site, or
On-line! Study by distance learning for the
ministry -- online ordination studies -- and get
assistance to start a church. Our world-class
seminary's Center for Ministerial Education
offers online training leading to ordination for
adults who are called to this challenging life
of service.

Sadly, there are many frauds and shams
operating on the internet...but The Love Church
and its educational programs are fully government
chartered and legitimate in every way.  We would
be honored to assist you.
from the world's pioneer online seminary

The Love Church Worldwide and its seminary programs at
Saint James College Seminary, The Women's College
Seminary and The American Chaplain Training Institute
offer an affordable, convenient online way for busy adults
to receive divinity studies.

    There are on-line "ordination mills" that
    will "declare" you to be ordained for
    payment of a fee. On some websites,
    you push a button and, presto, out
    comes an "ordination" certificiate.

However...there's an honest, ethical way to study for the
ministry on-line. If you feel called to enter the ministry, we
will help, should you seek our training and assistance. We
take ministry seriously: it is a sacred calling to live a
selfless and exemplary life in service to others. The
Center for Ministerial Education is a unique distance-
learning program owned by the interfaith, non-
denominational, inclusive Love Church Worldwide.

The Center shares some staff and facilities as co-
ministeries as each shares the Bible's's vision of bringing
God's love and peace and prosperity and mental,
physical, and spiritual health to all.

of our students are adult learners who have been
involved in some form of ministry for years...but were
never ordained.  

Perhaps you will see yourself in the following list:
  • Unordained Youth Minister
  • Music Minister
  • Pastoral Calling Minister
  • Recruiting / Church-building Minster
  • Eucharistic Minister
  • Substitute / "Supply" Preaching Minister
  • Maybe you have been ordained for a local church
    or specific denomination that rescinds your
    ordination if you should decide to (or be forced) to
  • You have been experiencing a "Call" to the Ministry

It often happens that unordained adults discover that God
is working in their hearts to lead them into a into a ministry
that requires ordination.

You can be ordained quite rapidly, depending on your
    real-life experience. Yes,
    with our online distance
    learning study, you can
    be ordained quickly, yet
    ethically and respectfully.
    We've found that most of
    the applicants for our
    online ministry classes are
    later-in-life minister
    vocations, people seeking
    a fast-track to legitimate

Typically, these are people who have been working in
unordained ministry as outlined above.  Others are
individuals who've always wanted to be a priest, minister,
or a sister and have accumulated enormous theological
knowledge and "minister street savvy" and want to apply
what they've learned to an online distance learning
program that will ordain them fairly quickly. If this
describes your situation, The Center for Ministerial
Education may be able to help.

Our online ordination / ministerial training can lead you
down one of two pathways....

Pathway #1: - After your ordination, you may start a
church of your own, found a spiritual community, you
    could affiliate with other
    churches or, if you prefer, you
    could establish your own church
    under the "umbrella" of The
    Love Church Worldwide. (The
    Love Church was formed out of
    a long-term calling to establish a
    platform with which independent
    spiritual communities and / or
congregations could affiliate. You could become "The
Love Church of Deluth," or "The First Love Church of
Denver," or "St. Theresa's of Dallas, a member of The
Love Church Worldwide communion." We would then
provide you with organizational assistance, continuing
ministerial training, fliers, even building you a website,
should you need help. We can provide you with website
hosting as well.

Essentially, by joining The Love Church Worldwide
communion as an affiliated church, you would receive the
recognition and assistance needed to develop and
sustain your independent ministry.)

Pathway #2: You as an independent minister - After your
ministerial studies online and your ordination, you can
become an "independent" minister, one who, perhaps, fills
in at established churches when the pastor is away. Or,
maybe you'll want to become a missionary, or write
articles, start a radio ministry. . .or provide services as a
wedding officiant.  Others also enroll to become Certified
Professional Chaplains at our
American Chaplain Training
Institute.  This would enable you to apply for a chaplaincy
position at a hospital or Hospice facility.
We ordain women and
Legitimate Women's Ordination...

The Love Church Worldwide
inter-faith denomination ordains

In ancient days, women were ordained to
perform priestly duties.  Akkadian and
Sumerian priestess were common 2,500
years before the birth of Christ.

The early Christian church permitted women
to serve as deacons, priests, and Bishops.

Even today, there are
women priests and bishops
within the Anglican
Communion, United
Methodist, Presbyterian,
United Church of Christ...
and within The Love Church
Worldwide, among others.
                                           Bishop Katharine
    Jefferts Schori was elected in 2006 as the first
    female Presiding Bishop in the American Episcopal
    Church.  In so doing, Bishop Schori simultaneously
    became the first woman primate in the entire
    Anglican Communion

World religion's policies regarding
Ordination of Women

As you undoubtedly know, many Christian churches
will ordain women, as will various world religions.

There are women serving as Buddhist and Shinto
priests, and women in non-Orthodox Judaism leading
congregations as rabbis.
Southern Baptists ban
women from being

It is the Southern Baptist
Convention's policy that when
women preach from the
pulpit, they are violating the
scriptures that they are

In 1st Corinthians, Paul was
very clear in stating his views
regarding women in the curch
and female education:  "Let
your women keep silence in
the churches: for it is not
permitted unto them to
speak; but they are
commanded to be under
obedience, as also saith the
law. And if they will learn
anything, let them ask their
husbands at home: for it is a
shame for women to speak in
the church."

The Love Church and its
Saint James College
Seminary and The Women's
College Seminary teach that
each woman must make her
own decision as to whether
or not to believe as Paul did.

What services may I
perform as
an Ordained Minister
or Priest?

Your ordination will be
nationally and worldwide.
While you'll want to check
to see if registration is
required in your state or
nation, you will be able to
officiate at services and
ceremonies, or serve in the
same capacity as any other
priest or minister.
•        You will be able to
officiate at weddings
•        You'll be able to lead
funeral services
•        Baptisms
•        Do spiritual
counseling as befits your
•        Visit the sick in
hospitals and long term
care facilities
•        You'll be able to
"administer" last rites
(which are really a final
attempt at
healing, by the
way, called "extreme
•        You'll be empowered
to teach and preach, not to
be "above" anyone but to
be true to your "call" to
spread the good news of
the redeeming power of
God's peace and love and
activity in our lives.

Fees: You pay only a
modest tuition fee. Since
we do not have
"collections" and conduct
no fund drives, tuition fees
are the sole manner in
which we underwrite our
administrative costs.  

Deacon: The course of
study leading to ordination
as a deacon costs $150.00.

Entry-level Ordination to
a Local Church
: $250.  
This is an introductory level
and is used by men and
women whose local
churches have an
immediate need for an
ordained minister.  This
program will teach you the
basic essentials for pastoral
ministry.  However, the
expectation is that you will
continue your studies in
order to qualify for full
ministrial/priestly ordination.

:  $750.

Please ask for additional
information, which will be
sent to you by email.  All
you need to is fill out the
simple, no-obligation
form at:

    Visit our
Our ordinations are
forever, as in the
Order of

--Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews