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gentle-but-persistent stirring in your soul has been God whispering to you...whispering that
the time has come for you to accept a sacred calling?

However, you are an adult, you are in mid-career, possibly a mother or father who still has
children at home.  Going off to a seminary campus is not a practical possibility for you, in
spite of God's beckoning.

And yet, there is that poignant verse:

"I have called you by name, you are mine...."
--Isaiah 43

We may be able to help you become an ordained minister or priest, just as over the years we
have assisted many others to answer God's call to service.


We are a government-chartered seminary:  There are on-line "ordination mills" that will
"declare" you to be ordained for payment of a fee. On some
websites, you push a button and, presto, out comes an "ordination"
certificate. However...there's an honest, ethical way to study for the
ministry on-line. If you feel called to enter the ministry, we will be
honored to assist you.

We take ministry seriously
: it is a sacred calling to live a selfless and
exemplary life in service to others. The Center for Ministerial Studies
here at Saint James College Seminary is a not-for-profit educational
division of The Love Church Worldwide, which is an inclusive interfaith
denomination open to all.  You may study here and then return to your
own faith community with important new qualifications and skill sets.

You are welcome to study for the ministry as a priest, chaplain, or minister and share our
common mission of striving to bring God's love and peace and prosperity and mental,
physical, and spiritual health to all.

If qualified, you may be ordained quite rapidly.     With our online Fast-Track Adult
Learner distance learning study, well-experienced students may be ordained quickly, yet
ethically and respectfully. We've found that most of the applicants for our online ministry
classes are later-in-life ministery vocations, people seeking a fast-track to legitimate
ordination. These are people who've always wanted to be a priest, minister, or a sister and
have accumulated enormous theological knowledge and "ministerial street savvy" and want
fairly quickly. If this describes your situation, The Center for Ministerial Education can help.

Thou art a priest forever after
the order of Melchisedec.
--Psalm 110

Some seminaries, some individual churches,
and some religious denominations ordain
people on a temporary basis.  Sometimes,
ordination continues only as long as the minister
is employed by their church.  At the end of that
employment, ordination ceases.

This is not the case with graduates of Saint James College Seminary's Center for Ministerial
Studies.  Here, the ordinations of men and women who graduate remain in effect forever,
throughout all of their lives.

Saint James College Seminary offers
Fast-Track online ordination education
for adult learners.  Our interfaith,
non-denominational online ordination
studies are affordable.  We even offer
nterest-free student tuition loans. This
is addressed in the "Fees" section,
below.   Please fill out the Ordination
Application form to receive more
information by return email.  Once
ordained, you will be able to become a
pastor, perform weddings, celebrate
holy communion, conduct baptisms and
officiate at funerals.
Fast-Track Program:  

Each lesson is quite similar to a review-type
exercise.  While each hopefully provides
entirely new information and insights, the
Fast-Track series is basically designed to
measure or benchmark the knowledge and
experience that individual students bring to
the program.

We are

Will I have to believe as you do? - Oh, no!
Each is called according to what she or he
has been "given" by God -- and God has
different plans for each of us.

We will provide you with a historical
perspective. We'll train you in the practical
ways in which many ministers and priests
serve, including rudimentary lessons in
prayer, meditation, chaplaincy (outreach),
spiritual development, practical pastoral
psychology, spiritual counseling, and will
offer some pointers for operating the
organizational side of a ministry. But, we will
not spoon-feed you a creed to which you
must subscribe.

You will receive a general background into
world religious traditions, a historical
perspective, and exposure to various belief
systems and spiritual practices. Because we
come from the world of Christianity, we will
look at the concept of Christ as savior,
redeemer (restoring us to our God-given
state of "grace"), rabbi (Teacher), and even
as one of the world's most-competent
psychologists (although this side of Christ is
rarely explored in today's Church). In the
final analysis, you have come to the point of
requesting training leading to ordination
because the God of your understanding has
tapped your heart and whispered to your
soul that you should enter ministerial service.
Services you may provide
once ordained:

If you choose to pursue studies leading
to ordination as an independent minister,
your ordination will be legally-
recognized. While you'll want to check
to see if registration is required in your
state or nation, you will be able to
perform, officiate at services and
ceremonies, or serve in the same
capacity as any other priest or minister.

  • You will be able to officiate at

  • You'll be able to conduct funeral
  • Baptisms
  • Do spiritual counseling as befits
    your training
  • Visit the sick in hospitals and long
    term care facilities
  • You'll be able to "administer" last
    rites, which are really a final
    attempt at healing. (Technically,
    what we call Last Rites is actually
    called extreme unction.)
  • You'll be empowered to teach and
    preach, not to be "above" anyone
    but to be true to your "call" to
    spread the good news of the
    redeeming power of God's peace
    and love and activity in our lives.
To be successfully
ordained, you will  
have to complete the
online study
program.  It is a
program for qualified

Tuition Fees -
Time to Enter Your Program

You pay only a modest tuition fee, due to our not-for-profit
seminary status.  Fees underwrite our administrative costs
and are used to pay a small stipend to faculty members who
assist you with your lessons.

Entry-level online Ordination - $250:  Many people that
we think of as being ministers are not, in fact, ordained.
These can include youth ministers, music minister, even many associate ministers. They may perform
the duties for which they are hired by the trustees or deacons, but generally may not offer sacramental
services such as marriage, Holy Communion, etc.

Often, though, the time arrives when the senior pastor takes a leave of absence, or there is a vacancy
for his or her position.  With enough church background or human services experience, we are able to
enroll applicants in an Entry-level program that leads to relatively rapid ordination for a local church. It
is hoped that these folks continue on to more advanced professional seminary education once they are
in entry-level positions.  We are happy to enroll them in the next level of pastoral education when and
if they are ready.

Combined Ordination / Chaplaincy Studies -  $950:  Increasingly, Hospice, Hospitals, the military,
jails and prisons are requiring that ministers and
Certified Professional Chaplains have both
certifications while working in their facilities.  Previously, students had to complete one curriculum,
say ordination, before enrolling in the other.  This resulted in unnecessarily high tuitions and quite a lot
of study duplication.  

Our trustees, however, saw the wisdom and practicality
in combining the two curricula so that, today, an
ordination student may apply his or her completed
lessons toward a Certified Professional Chaplain program.
Having the courses in one program accepted by the other
cuts the tuition formerly required nearly in half and, at the
same time, virtually eliminates duplication in course work.
We will gladly email you information about our online
ordination, online chaplaincy studies, and our specially-formulated combined online divinity programs.
Professional-level Ordination - $750:  In the
Professional-level online Ordination Fast-Track
Adult Learning studies, students obtain the
comprehensive curriculum that one would expect
from a world-class seminary such as ours.
You will briefly review Biblical teachings regarding
service to others... you will explore others' beliefs in
Comparative World Religions...you'll look at
ethics...legal aspects of ministry ...praying with
parishioners and their families...and pastoral

There will be an exploration of ceremonies to be
performed...basic techniques for working with
grieving people...as well as studies in practical
ministerial skill sets such as delivering
highly-effective sermons.  Also included will be
basic understandings of both stress and anger
management, and pastoral counseling.
"Follow me
and I will
make you
fishers of
-- Matthew 4:19
Study to become an ordained minister in the comfort of
your home or office without leaving your job or relocating
your family.  Welcome to the world's pioneer chartered
college seminary offering online training for adult

We are a not-for-profit
seminary college of The
Love Church Worldwide.

Many (perhaps even most)
online ordination are
profit businesses, not true
churches or seminaries

While our students do
complete studies, our
charter permits us to
award up to one-half credit
for previous professional

We accept
all previous
academic achievement, no
matter how long ago those
credit hours were earned.

We offer interest-free
Tuition financing.

Our 100% legitimate
ordinations are offered to
qualified graduates and
qualify you to be a minister
anywhere in the U.S.,
Canada, and worldwide.

Saint James College Seminary
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