Saint James College Seminary
Fast-Track Adult Learner MBA for spiritual program management, pastoral management
Fast-Track Adult Learner online MCBA
for spiritual program management,
pastoral management
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Our MBA degrees include studies in these
brief examples:
* Terrible business moves
* Marketing on a budget
* Customers who love you!
* Importance of OODA-Loops
* Signs -- Do's and Don'ts
* For-profit, not-for-profits
* Spiritual organization mgt.
* Coaching and counseling
* Psychology for managers
* Networking ... a must-do!
* Global markets and you
* Dealing with government
* Upsizing-downsizing
* Care of your soul and health
* Finding your bliss
* When change must come
* Align the team with corp. Vision
* Negotiating
* Corporate structure/charters
* Business Planning
* Setting Strategic Goals
* Competitive Advantages
* Competitive Disadvantages
* Problem employees
* Problem bosses
* Listening skills for business
* Retaining good employees
* Business start-ups
* Technology and You
* Website importance
* Social media and business
* Entrepreneurship
* Doing unpleasant things first
More Women MBA's

Master Certificate in Business Admin.
- Executive Education

Yet, our program teaches that you
must always be honest!

Honestly, our MBA cannot be for

As you have read on many other
pages on our website, Saint James
College is a chartered not-for-profit
Seminary and we are exempt from
regional accreditation.  We are an
ecclesiastically-chartered rather than
secularly-chartered school.
We offer you our very first lesson...

Most MCBA programs' first lesson will teach you to avoid
speaking any negatives about your business -- always!

Saint James College
Seminary strives to
provide world-class
services while
maintaining one of
the lowest tuition
rates anywhere.

You're invited to study in the
world's pioneer
spiritually-oriented MBA
program !

Our School of Business and Program
Management is a collaborative center of
academic excellence operated by Saint
James College Seminary, our sister, T
Women's College Seminary, and our parent,
the inclusive, interfaith
Love Church

seminary program to offer an online divinity
ordination, Certified Professional
Chaplaincy, Certified Griefworker,
Hospice-oriented Chaplain training, Social
Work (BSW, MSW), Pastoral Counseling,
Pastoral Management,..and
Master of Business
certificates and degrees.  

Saint James College Seminary is one of the
world's premier centers for undergraduate
and graduate studies in spiritually and
ethically-oriented majors.  (You may wish to
visit our
Center for Ethical Studies in
Government and Society.)

In these tumultuous economic times in
which traditional jobs are scarce, we also
offer a ground-breaking major in
Entrepreneurial Studies.

Our goal is to assist you in becoming a
leader in your field!
Our tuition is a fraction of
the cost of many other
college and
university degree
programs.  Our basic
graduate degree tuition
averages under $5,000
for adult-learner
Fast-Track Program
candidates who come to
us with a strong
academic, charitable,
human service, or
business background.  
we offer interest-free
tuition financing

have spiritual aspects to them.  We
are a non-denominationally
chartered, church-operated
educational institution open to all
faiths.  We teach solid business
and ethical principles which, by the
terms of our charter, must have a
spiritual aspect and application to

We are honored to offer these
features to a world that seems to
be going mad with lying, cheating,
exploitation, endless war and,
amazingly, even commercially-
motivated slavery!

We believe that individuals,
businesses, governments,
churches, mosques, synagogues,
NGO's, and not-for-profit charities
benefit when they hold fast to a
strong sense of spiritual ethics.

If this seems like a program that
can work for you, welcome!
You may APPLY

We offer student loan
financing for those who
require this

Can our unique Internet MBA Program be Right for Me?

  • If you are an adult learner currently employed, it is unlikely that you can leave your job, even temporarily, to attend a
    bricks and mortar school.
  • If you are committed to frequent travel, education at a physical campus is not feasible.
  • If there is a likelihood that you may need to relocate during your studies, clearly campus learning is impossible.
  • If you have a family or other personal time commitments, evening and/or weekend campus classes probably will not be
    convenient ... or even possible
  • If you are among the hundreds of thousands of people forced into unemployment by the current financial downturn,
    perhaps you are unable to pay a tuition in excess of $50,000.  In that case, our affordable program may make sense
    for you.  Our Adult Learner Fast-Track program may be an excellent option for enrollees with excellent previous
    academic and/or administrative background.
  • You are an international student living in a nation where an expensive program from a
    not-for-profit school may be the only option available to you.  Our tuitions for international
    students are calculated in the local currency and are based on the annual per capita income
    in your nation.  Students in struggling or emerging economies often cannot -- and should not
    be expected to -- pay tuitions based on the standard of living enjoyed by Americans.  
  • And, very importantly, you do not require an MBA from one of the highly-regarded regionally-
    accredited university business schools, some of whom have been offering superior education
    offerings at universities such as Harvard, Yale, University of Florida, Wharton, University of Illinois at Chicago, etc.  
  • If your needs can be met by a spiritual-ethical degree from an ecclesiastically-chartered seminary, we may be able to
    assist you.


    Concurrent Degree Studies are Available

    Students who enroll in our Concurrent Degree programs may combine certain courses, practica, and theses or
    projects.  Majors that lend themselves to combined studies include Business-Parish Ministry, Business-Spiritual NGO
    studies, Business-Mission-Nursing-Medical Services, Business-Community Development, Business-Environmental
    Studies, Business-Women's Studies, as examples. Please discuss your need with an admissions counselor.  

Right for Me?

schools, and universities, requires 60 credit hours.

Our state charter permits us to grant up to 50% for your
previous academic and professional background.  A well-
prepared student may therefore have the benefit of
completing the requirements of our college-seminary
program rather quickly.  It is a self-paced program and you
may proceed as rapidly, or slowly, as your schedule permits.

Thesis or Project?  
A master’s thesis or approved project is required.  In
addition to a curriculum of
online Fast-Track Adult
Learner lessons, students
graduating with an MBA
must complete either a
researched masters thesis
or project in an area related
to spiritual / ethical
program management.  
Each student is assigned a
faculty committee to provide
advice and assistance at
each  step along the way.

As we say in materials sent to students requesting additional
information pertaining to a Dissertation, Thesis, or Project:

"While Saint James College students are certainly welcome
to research and write a masters thesis  – and many do – we
extend the opportunity to do a project instead.  

If you have developed a new program in your profession,
done an internship or practicum, or published a work that’s
relevant to your degree’s major, or wish to do so, this may
take the place of a thesis or dissertation.   

Too many well-written theses and dissertations are placed
on back shelves in some library, only to accumulate dust.  A
project, by comparison, enables the student to get credit for
a positive activity that leaves the world a better place."

MBA program, students are not bogged down memorizing
hopelessly outdated and irrelevant 19th Century theories.  If
you've had them in the past, you will not have to
    sit through two
    semesters of
    Saint James
    College's online
    MBA program
    doesn't force you
    to sit through
    comprised of
    theories from
    musty textbooks
that offer very little useful information in today's rapidly-
changing world.  Our online MBA studies will provide you with
an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned in
previous business and academic experience.  Nor will you will
be required to re-take courses that you  completed at another
college or university years ago.

In Saint James College Seminary's online MBA degree
program, you’ll partner with energizing and relocatable
professors who are keenly in touch with today’s complicated
business and spiritual management worlds.  You’ll take
courses that are both exciting and actually usable in your daily
personal and professional lives!

Study your lessons at your own pace!  

You’ll be able to study completely online and at your own pace
in the convenience of
your own home or office.  
Each lesson will be emailed
to Saint James College
where it will be reviewed
by your faculty mentor.  
After he or she makes some
helpful comments, your next
lesson will be emailed to you.  
This normally happens within 24-36 hours, except on
weekends and national holidays.
Could our
program be right
for you?
Your program is headed by The Rev. Dr. Amanda E. Parnell D.Div, MBA, M.Ed.  
Dr. Parnell is a professor teacher including university-level.  She is knowledgeable,
effective, and highly relatable.