Online Studies  Fast-Track Program Explained
How our FAST-TRACK Program can work for you:   

EXAMPLE NUMBER 1:  Let's say that you are a minister with a decade of
service as a pastor.  Following those years of service, you feel that it would be
helpful to earn a
Master of Divinity and Pastoral Counseling degree.  There would
be no point in requiring you, a highly-experienced minister, to take a cluster of
courses on the history and meaning of various Bible verses.  You undoubtedly
have years of experience in quoting and teaching Biblical lessons!

As an alternative, we
might well suggest a
curriculum that also
contains elective lessons
that explore practical
parish family counseling.  
It might also be appropriate
to include studies in pastoral
social ministry, etc.

Instead of re-teaching
lessons that you learned
many years ago, our
Fast-Track program is
designed to emphasize
practical skills designed
to help make our world
a better place in the
here and now.

Perhaps you are a
social worker with
several years as a
mental health worker
in a small community
clinic operated by a religious charity organization.  Your supervisor is about to
retire and you've been told that you are next in line for a promotion...but you
need a masters in social work administration.
Again, just using our Social Work and Counseling
program as one example...students enrolling for an
online MSW degree will have their background considered
when we assemble their Fast-Track "Challenge Course"
curriculum. It's worth repeating that, while the Fast-Track
program is designed to factor in previous education and
career experience, we also strive to provide new material
and techniques in each lesson.  

In review, Saint James Seminariy's online certificate and degree students get
credit for their past achievements...their former educational work...and their
professional/volunteer backgrounds.  However...each also gains a fresh
educational experience and, hopefully, sees a previous concept in a new way.

EMAIL us for more information...and remember it will be very helpful if you
fill out our no-obligation
Application/Information page.  By return email, we will
send your a "packet" of material that will further describe explain the process,
tution rates, and curriculum.  It would be our honor to have you enroll in Saint
James College Seminary's online degree, or online
chaplain training, online
ordination training, or other world-class online degree or certificate program!
Accelerated online education for
today's highly mobile adult learners!

You may register for classes and sit in a classroom two
    or three
    days a
    week all
    if you
    may be
    eligible for
    our Fast-

Fast-Track lessons are similar to review lessons in that
they measure the knowledge and experience that you
bring to Saint James College Seminary.We are able to
design a tailor-made curriculum that will take advantage
of your unique background to move you through your
studies rapidly.

Internally, we think of
Fast-Track lessons as Challenge
As you complete one, your faculty mentor
reviews it and makes helpful comments, and speeds
your next lesson back to you by email.  The whole
process may take place in 24-36 hours.