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    says U.S. Congress has crazy
    members who are threatening
    the stability of the entire world!
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American right-wing "nutters" are placing the economic
stability of the entire world in critical danger, according to
a respected British parlimentarian

The current seemingly-endless refusal to reach bi-partisan agreements in the U.S. Congress
presents a dire threat to the entire world community, according to a British government minister.

    Right-wing "nutters" in the congress are intentionally
    refusing to negotiate settlements that endanger not only
    the U.S. but also every other nation on earth.

    As a prominent example, the UK's Business Secretary,
    Vince Cable, cited to the BBC holding up an agreement
    to prevent the American government from raising the debt

    Cable told reporters that the "irresponsible" behavior of
    right-wingers in the U.S. Congress very consciously
    risked a "catastrophic debt default".  Minister Cable
    minced no words in saying that the right-wing American
    congressional representatives represent "a greater risk
to the global financial system than problems in the euro zone."

Cable told BBC Television that "the irony of the situation at the moment...is that the biggest threat
to the world financial system comes from a few right-wing nutters in the American congress rather
than the Euro zone."

If there is no Congressional approval approve additional borrowing, the United States treasury
will run out of funds needed to pay bills or service its debt on August 2nd.
Saint James College Seminary's

The British Business
Minister says U.S.
Congress has crazy
members who are
threatening the stability
of the entire world!
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There are 40 kinds of lunacy, but only one kind of common
sense.                                                                                    -African
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Center for
Ethical Studies
Studying The Spiritual Aspect of
Senate Minority
Leader Mitch
McConnell also
calls settlement
"Insane!"  "Out Of Their Minds"
This is the increasing cry today

    "Insane" is the way
    conservative Florida
    senator Marco Rubio
    calls the Democratic
    spending of money
    we don't have.

World-renowned British
Martin Wolf,
says that the American
government's financial
policies are "fantasy".

    Republican, Warren
    Buffet said during
    the McCain-Obama
    campaign, that the
    senator's view on
    social justice are so
    different from his own
that in order for him to support McCain,
the senator would need a

Rep Louis Gohmert of Texas is, quite
possibly, a victim of
paranoid delusions.  I do
not say that lightly.  But
this is so crazy, one has
to wonder.  Gohmert
proclaimed that the U.S.
attacks in Libya may be a 'false flag'
strategy for Obama to call up a
"Presidential reserve" officer's corps.  
(There is no such thing, BTW.)
-Markos Moulitsas
Daily Kos

While the following is tongue-in-cheek,
these comments demonstrate how close
    to the surface
    American's view of
    politicians are
    regarding insanity.  It
    is no longer a
    "hidden" word!
    Glenn Greenwald
    wrote in Salon:
    "Democratic and
    Republican pundits...
to mock anyone and everyone outside of
the two-party mainstream as
crazy, sick
."  "...anyone who meaningfully
deviates from their orthodoxies are, by
fringe, crazy losers".  Both
Rep. Ron Paul and Howard Dean
were smeared, says Greenwald, as
being "
literally insane...."  He then writes,
the crazy, hateful, fringe lunatic Ron
voted to repeal the Clinton-era
Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy...."  And,
"Paul, who apparently
belongs in a
mental hospital
, vehemently condemned
America's use of torture...."  "The
Ron Paul also opposes the war
in Afghanistan...."

    "Saying Tea
    Party members
    are a little
crazy is like saying Oprah is a little
wealthy."   -
Huffington Post moderator

Is there craziness and lunacy
in Congress?

Is the                                       
level of
calling a

This is a topic that truly
should be addressed by
divinity students, social
justice adherents, and
theologians alike.  You may
be one.  You may study this
important topic  here and
earn credit in the process!
If you are interested in
researching the topic of insane   
behavior...or actual mental
diseast... among national or
international public servants,
Bitter politican enemies stand in front of about the
temporary bill to keep the government from closing
down...and they all claim it's "Historic"   
Saint James College Seminary
Center for Ethical Studies in Government and
"Americans have
the best
government that
money can buy!"
-- Will Rogers


- There are growing fears that China may stop funding the U.S. economy if
our nation seems incapable of governing itself rationally.

- Increasingly, there are growing concern that the world may stop seeing
the U.S. as an inspiration and model for a successfully functioning

-  If the U.S. is seen as having a dysfunctional government, we may lose
credibility as a dependable partner in helping to resolve international

This topic is spiritual in nature and well worth studying by ministerial,
divinity, social work, and ethics students.  We offer this unique program as
a major or minor.
___________________________________________________________ our
Insanity or Good Politics?
When members of the senate or
house stand in front of tv cameras
and utter complete lies to the
nation and actually don't realize that
people know that they are lying, one
could reasonably consider this to be
an insane action.
Is Congress and
insanely as critics claim?

An increasing number of
Americans from all three
political "parties" are saying
that this has long been true in
some form or another...but
that crazy behavior is
becoming the norm in
government today.  We are
beginning to hear people
worry that this is no longer
adequate to meet the needs
of the average citizen.

We are not taking the side of any
political party or philosophy!  Here,
we are looking at the spiritual
aspects of a nation that is more and
more run by a congress that mental
health professionals fear is acting

While individuals can have
psychiatric illness and emotional
it is also possible for
institutions to function as if they are
mentally ill!

CES Students address and study the
spiritual aspects of issues such as
  • Irresponsibility and, some say, insanity, in the
    world's governments
  • Systematic dismantling of the middle class
  • Climate change and governmental, business,
    and personal responsibility
  • Health care for all
    Americans - other
    developed nations have
    it...why not us?
  • Abortion and women's
    reproductive rights and
    the conservative right
  • Issues pertaining to
    LGBT equality
  • Genetic research - how
    far should it be allowed
    to go?
  • Perpetual war - should people demand that it
    end...or  accept it?
  • Dishonest and unbelievable media reports
  • Should we invest in trying to save earth's fragile
  • Cheating at work, school, and in family
  • Increasing allegations of imbalances in the
    criminal justice system
  • TSA at an airport doing a full body search of an
    89 year woman in a wheelchair and on oxygen...
    or invasively patting down a 6-year old girl (you
    would be correctly arrested if you did this to a

of Social Work and Counseling for some basic
definitions of commonly-used mental health

The following definitions are based on our Social Work and
Counseling leadership, which adds up to a half-a-century of
experience in working both with Mental
Illness and Family Counseling.  The
following brief definitions also draw
from The American Psychiatric
Diagnostic and Statistical
We are not saying that any
is mentally ill.  Yet, some
would believe that "where there's
smoke, there's fire

Enough people are commenting
on craziness within government that
it is now important to conduct an
academic examination of the
 See if you recognize
any of the following characteristics
in today's American politicians:

Sociopath:  A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in
extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior, a lack of conscience or ability
to feel remorse.  Sociopaths tend to lack awareness of or regard for the
feelings of others.  And, they as a matter of course manipulate
others in order to get what they desire.  This lack of remorse manifests
as a pervasive indifference to their injuring or mistreating other people,
animals, or institutions, including political institutions.

Narcissist:  This is a person with a is a mental disorder in which the
afflicted person possesses a clinically inflated sense of their own
importance and a deep-seated belief that they're superior to others.  As
a consequence, they have little or no regard for other people's feelings.  
They are so wrapped up in themselves and their own personal agendas
that, in a very literal sense, they are often virtually incapable as seeing
other people has having any individual merit or validity...except when
the others are actively supporting the
Narcissistic person.

Borderline Personality:  This is a very serious and complex mental
disorder wherein the person flits rapidly between moods and loyalties.  
They may form what
appears to be a
sincere and bonded
attachment to another
the slightest hint that
the other is "disloyal"
or holds conflicting
Borderline switches
loyalties and goals to
the completely
opposite extreme.  
These people often
say one thing, based
on they support they
think they'll get from
doing so...but rapidly
switch to a new goal
or new loyalties based on the security that they think this will achieve.

Compulsive Liars:  They have an uncontrollable need to lie about
virtually anything and everything that they feel threatens their self-image
and personal goals.  Often, they are living in a self-created fantasy
world whereby they lies to become more popular, to enhance their
image, or to get others to support their ideas and goals.  
will lie when it would be just as easy to tell the truth.

Delusions of Grandeur:  A commonly used definition of this clinical
conditions is:  "a belief that you are much greater and more powerful
and influential than you really are."  This definition, however, leaves out
the sinister fact that this sort of person will lie, cheat, sacrifice morality,
crush opponents...will do or say anything and everything to support his
or her need to "be important and influential.  

Histrionic Personality Disorder:  While this is not as well-known as many
other mental health or emotional disturbances, we are including it here
because it may well apply to certain types of individuals...including those
who seek careers in politics.  A
Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) is
defined by the American Psychiatric Association as "a personality
disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive emotionality and
attention-seeking, including an excessive need for approval and
inappropriate seductiveness...."  The APA adds that these individuals
are lively, dramatic, enthusiastic, and flirtatious.  Further, they "may be
inappropriately sexually provocative, express strong emotions with an
impressionistic style...associated features may include egocentrism,
self-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, and persistent
manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs."  

Certainly, not all politicians exhibit the characteristics of
these -- or any -- mental disorders.  
However, with the
ever-increasing willingness of the public to consider our politicians to
be "crazy", we believe that it is important for our students to study the
matter lack of ethics, immoral and amoral behavior and, yes, possible
mental illness in Washington, state, and local governments.  This
divinity, ministerial/ordination, certified chaplains, social
worker and counselors, MBA, MSN, and
Social Justice majors.
The Women's College Seminary
is an ecumenical, inter-faith, non-
denominational educational program
designed to offer
ordination and certified
chaplaincy studies as well as a variety
of degrees with an ethical and spiritual
basis.  We teach our online adult
learner students the ethical aspects of
the most pressing issues of our time.
MINORING in ETHICS:  a Unique Opportunity:
Not only can you major in spiritual ethics at our Center
for Ethical Studies,
we make it possible for students
to MINOR in Ethics
!  To our knowledge, we are
the only seminary college to extend this option.  Such
a minor will assist students in becoming academically
and personally prepared for entry into a variety of
fields, including:
  • Ministry
  • Law Enforcement
  • Law and Legal Services
  • Medicine, Nursing, Social Work
  • Business, finance, and government
  • Environmental professions

"Ethics" and "spiritual ethics" are diverse fields but
they impact all of us at the personal level because of
the "goodness" or "badness" of laws and regulations
that are imposed on society.

The startling "Mr Y"  National Strategic
written by two high-ranking
Pentagon officials call for less military
investment and more diplomacy. See
hart     hard to find. COMPLETE version:    

  • "Truth" is what
    powerful people
    want  to say...
  • "Truth" is what
    ordinary people
    want to hear...
  • There's
    everything else
  • And then, and
    only then, there's
    the Truth!
Our legislators kept THE ENTIRE WORLD COMMUNITY on pins and needles during the totally self-created
debt ceiling fiasco.  This lack of sensibility in Washington threatened the whole world's economy

British Minister
Business says
U.S. Congress'
have threatened
economic stability
of the entire planet
--James Rebhorn  
The International

Our Center for Ethical Studies in Government
and Society
involves a collaborative community
approach, combining the thoughts, dreams, and
wisdom of faculty and students alike...studying
and re-committing to the field of ethics in all of its
myriad dimensions