Today, Chaplains offer their services in many related fields:

Most Chaplaincy studies are religious in nature...but...some are leaning toward a more secular
approach, which can include fire, police, and service organization chaplains.  We are the
leading online school answering this growing need.  And, being a college - seminary, we offer

Professional Chaplain studies and CPE units.


  • Hospice Chaplain:  This training is the one for which we receive the most daily
    requests.  As the Baby-Boomer generation ages, there is an ever-increasing
    demand for Hospice Services.  And, along with the growth of Hospice facilities
    comes a never before seen need to educate well-trained chaplains.  Historically,
    our American Chaplain Training Institute is the pioneer in offering online
    training for Certified Professional Chaplains.   

  • Today, most Hospices programs
    require that their Chaplains also
    be ordained as ministers, priests, or
    rabbis.  Our sister seminary, The
    Center for Ministerial Studies, has
    recently dove-tailed its curriculum with
    the curriculum here at the American
    Chaplain Training Institute. This
    provides our online chaplain students
    with the unique opportunity for lessons completed in one major to be          
    completely accepted in a second academic major. Thus, online Ordination  
    students' seminary studies may be completely accepted in a second academic
    major...online Professional Chaplain

    Ordination students may also obtain full credit toward a parallel online Certified  
    Chaplain major, and vice versa, for a very low additional administrative fee.  

  • Those wishing to obtain nationally-respected quality affordable college-level
    job retraining to improve their job prospects may well benefit from our world-class
    online chaplain training program.  

    There are other chaplain training programs available in the U.S.  However, to our
    knowledge, they are not offered by government-chartered seminary/college
    programs, as we are. Nor are they available online. Besides Saint James College
    Seminary's American Chaplain Training Institute, there is another institution
    worth noting.   It is the very highly-regarded ACPE  - American Chaplain
    Professional Education organization.  

    Among the chief
    differences between our
    program and their
    excellent offering is that
    we provide the world's
    first legitimate online
    college / seminary-
    based Chaplain training

    ACPE requires students
    be able to travel (often
    to a distant community)
    to be physically present in a classroom. We enable you to work online at home!
    And, our tuition is about a quarter of the cost.

  • PLUS, we offer 0% Tuition Financing!!  The American Chaplain Training
    Institute (www.chaplaininstitute.com) also offers interest-free tuition financing for
    its Fast-Track online studies.  This is possible because we are a division of the
    not-for-profit Saint James College Seminary, which historically offers interest-free
    tuition financing coupled with low rates. Our trustees' mission is to offer the lowest-
    possible tuition rate in America.  Coupling these features, you will find us to be
    among the most-affordable college-level programs anywhere.  This is a very big
    plus in these difficult financial times.

    We will gladly send you additional information about our affordable online Certified Professional
    Chaplain program for hospice, hospitals, prisons, fire and police departments, the military, church
    communities, and so forth.  Simply fill out the no-obligation information / application form at:  

    Uniquely, our adult learner chaplain students may study online in
    the convenience of their own homes and offices. An important
    added feature of our program is that our tuition is several
    thousand dollars less expensive than other training programs.  
    Our total tuition is is only $750 for the Adult-Learner Fast-Track

    You may also obtain eligibility to earn four Chaplain Professional
    Education Units (CPEs)

  • Certified Professional
    Chaplain training institute
    serving the United States
    and Canada:                          

  • National Chaplaincy
    Certification Agency
Our Chaplain training
school includes:
Hospice Chaplain, Hospital
Chaplaincy studies, Prison and
Jails Chaplaincy studies, Police and
Fire Department Chaplains, Civic
Organization Chaplains, College
and University Chaplains, Victim
Chaplains...all offered affordably
online...from our Chaplaincy Institute!


How to become a
and how we
can provide the
affordable, inter-faith,
training for chaplain
certification.  We offer
Certified Professional
Chaplain education.  
We pioneered Internet
chaplain training along
with our parent
organization, The Love
Church Worldwide.

Our online Hospice
Chaplain training
courses, modules, and
lessons are affordable
and made available by
fully-chartered our
not-for-profit charitable
parent organization.

Our applicants often
ask how long it takes to
become a chaplain and
to earn Certified
Professional Chaplain
status.  This is a
self-paced program.  
Some well-prepared
students competed the
training in two to three
months whereas others
move at a more
leisurely pace and take
as long as a year.

We provide training and
our parent organization
provides affordable,
life-long Chaplain


Certified Professional Chaplaincy Studies available at the lowest tuition from our fully-chartered, world-class not-for-profit seminary program
Historically, the collaboration between our parent schools, Saint James College and The
Women's College, is honored to be the world's very first fully chartered online seminary.  And,
through their auspices, we continue this premiere ground-breaking tradition in offering chaplain
studies, chaplaincy registration, and chaplain certification.  We are the only online college /
seminary based Certified Professional Chaplain training school in the United States.
Many are awaiting your help!